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World TB Day at 70 Rai, Klong Toey (23 March 2015)

BE Health organised World TB Day at 70 Rai, Klong Toey and partnered with the medical staff of Healthcare Centre 41 and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), who came to the event with a mobile chest X-Ray van. The event was mainly focused on TB screenings and raising awareness through discussions, games and recreation. More than 250 residents took part in the event and 144 were screened with an X-Ray. As a result, eight TB cases were identified in one morning.

Pakhin Chanthathadawong

Pakhin is an experienced project manager in public health. He earned a Master of Art in International Relations and a Master’s of Public Health from Thammasart University, Thailand. For more than ten years, he’s gathered expertise in governmental and international not-for-profit organisations and been active in HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, tobacco and community based health interventions. Pakhin is also a skilled trainer in public health communication and marketing. He joined BE Health from the start and saw to BE Health’s peer educators training and development over the last three years. He genuinely understands the social determinants and challenges of public’s health in Thailand and develops tailored solutions to increase the impact of BE Health’s activities in Klong Toey.

Sumalee Amarinsangpen

With profound expertise in tuberculosis and HIV disease control, Khun Sumalee, a practised nurse and civil servant for more than 30 years, joined BE Health in 2012 as a skilful programme coordinator. Khun Sumalee ensures peer educators’ empowerment and coordinates their prevention activities in Klong Toey as well as at their workplace. Building long-term collaborations between governmental organisations such as Thailand’s National TB programme, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration or Thailand’s Department of Disease Control and BE Health is also part of Khun Sumalee’s goals for BE Health. Working together and joining all possible efforts to contribute to reducing the incidence of tuberculosis and HIV in Bangkok’s poorest areas has become a reality thanks to Khun Sumalee and her team.

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