Improve TB treatment outcomes through social protection

Improve TB treatment outcomes through social protection

This month, we are eager to start our social protection programme for extremely impoverished tuberculosis patients in Bangkok. It is sometimes difficult to understand why TB continues to flourish despite easy access to diagnosis and availability to effective medical treatment. But health is more than mere absence of illness. If poverty leads to weakness and therefore to disease, tuberculosis often creates a spiral of life-threatening poverty. With no income, proper sanitation facilities and lack of food, tuberculosis patients are simply not in control of their own health.

In partnership with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), we want to ensure adequate support to TB and MDR-TB patients by delivering financial, food and psychosocial support to improve poor patients’ treatment outcomes. Until the end of the 2017, our active TB case finding will be ongoing in Khlong Toei and, at the same time, we will provide social support to 34 patients.

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A message about BE Health

After seven years of inspiring challenges and exciting activity, and thanks to all our donors, we are proud of having reached tangible and successful outcomes.

We though want to achieve more. And while we look back with gratitude to see how far we’ve come, we are happy to inform you that we now are in the process of developing a new programme to extend our mission. We wish that more hotels in all regions could actively participate in spreading health and increase their positive impact in local communities.

The fundamental change in BE Health’s mission and structure involves the end of BE Health's current operations in Bangkok and Djibouti. However, we will be active soon again.

We will update the content of this website to share as soon as possible our new mission and objectives with you. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your understanding.