Health is Contagious

BE Health is about spreading health awareness

Why we exist

Infectious diseases don’t choose their victims but take the heaviest toll on those most vulnerable.

Infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria don’t see social class, age, gender or ethnicity, but leave the deepest scars on communities that are most vulnerable.

“BE Health is the kind of public-private partnership that can inspire change and transform the lives of people affected by HIV, tuberculosis, malaria and other infectious diseases. We can all play a part in creating a healthier world.”
Michel Sidibé, former UNAIDS Executive Director

BE Health believes

The most sustainable solution is to give vulnerable communities the knowledge they need to protect themselves and to support those who need assistance.

BE Health’s central activity is prevention through education: each of its programmes aims to create a stable network of peer health educators, who are trained at their workplace, and who then share their knowledge with their families and communities. This approach has been proven successful and cost-efficient, and is the reason why BE Health is so different.

BE Health brings efficient and sustainable CSR solutions to businesses by empowering employees and their communities with the most effective tool of all: knowledge.

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Health is a shared value between businesses and the local communities.

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BE Health’s peer education programmes are entirely funded by donations.



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A message about BE Health

After seven years of inspiring challenges and exciting activity, and thanks to all our donors, we are proud of having reached tangible and successful outcomes.

We though want to achieve more. And while we look back with gratitude to see how far we’ve come, we are happy to inform you that we now are in the process of developing a new programme to extend our mission. We wish that more hotels in all regions could actively participate in spreading health and increase their positive impact in local communities.

The fundamental change in BE Health’s mission and structure involves the end of BE Health's current operations in Bangkok and Djibouti. However, we will be active soon again.

We will update the content of this website to share as soon as possible our new mission and objectives with you. In the meantime, we would like to thank you for your understanding.